Lake Pointe

1531 State Highway 6,
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Space Available:
- 1164 sq-ft - Retail
- 2604 sq-ft (2nd Floor) - Salon

Type of Lease:
Shell Space

For Details:
Call: 713.772.6500


Legal Description
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The Lake Pointe Town Center community has an upscale residential lifestyle, urban retail, traditional offices, trendy restaurants and world-renown medical facilities, all are woven together to create the fabric of Lake Pointe Town Center. Lake Pointe has been called the jewel of Sugar Land. It is a peaceful, walkable place where shopping, dining and living exist symbiotically.

The 24,000 sq-ft Mody Plaza at Lake Pointe is a concrete structure with a limestone overlay. It is the most unique shopping center with elevated parking garage to service 2nd and 3rd floor tenants. The elevator tower is an iconic in itself as it separates one story building from 3-story with Grandfather clock on the top. The addition of 1100 sq-ft balcony looking over Lake Pointe on the 3rd floor creates an exclusive ambient for evening dinner.

With 83,860 people, the median household income of Sugar Land residents was $113,465.

The ethnic and racial makeup of the population was 44.4% non-Hispanic white, 7.3% non-Hispanic black, 35.1% non-Hispanic Asian, and 10.6% Hispanic or Latino

This convenient location boasts a wonderful urban lifestyle with suburban serenity in the heart of Sugar Land.