5601 Braxton Dr.
Houston, TX 77036

For Lease:
Total Space: 31,139 Sq. Ft
Parking Space: 64

Type of Lease:
Shell Space /
2nd Generation Space

For Details:
Call: 713.772.6500


Legal Description
Download here

Mody & Mody Braxton is a 32,000 Steel and tilt wall office and distribution facility located near Hillcroft close to the Mahatma Gandhi District

Hillcroft Avenue is an arterial road in western Houston, Texas, United States. Hillcroft has a wide boulevard, and many single family homes surround Hillcroft and is surrounded by strip centers and multifamily developments. The district is along Hillcroft Boulevard, bordered by U.S. Highway 59 (Southwest Freeway) & Westpark Tollway

With 22,911 people, Houston County is the 109th most populated county in the state of Texas out of 254 counties. In 2012, the median household income of Houston County residents was $31,529

The largest racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (10.3%). Diversity makes Hillcroft unique as it is a melting pot remiscient of New York housing many ethnicities